3 Product 6 Hose System Fuel Dispenser


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  • Adopting combination pump or separate pump, smaller shape and convenient maintenance.
  • Adopting painting-side for common type and stainless steel side for luxurious type.
  • Leading-static and Highly-hang oil pipe.
  • Features fueling as ration , resetting by computer and re-displaying when power cut.
  • Big-size aluminium nozzle booter.
  • Submersible pump to be optional.
  • Flow meter features high precision and strong reliability.
  • Excellent electromagnetic compatibility and strongly anti-jamming.
  • Be capable of connecting with central computer in gas station.
  • Conveniently combining and extending function.
  • To update IC card fuel dispenser.


Techical Index and Parameter:

Ambient temperature -40 °C to +55 °C Power 380V 50Hz(220V to be optional)
Humidity 30% -90% Noise =< 80dB(A class)
Max flow 50L/min or 90L/min Unit price range 0.01~99.99
Accuracy ± 0.3% Single volume range 0.01~9999.99
Repeating error =< 0.15% Accumulative volume range 0.01~99999999999.99
Inlet pressure = >54Kpa Explosion-proof certificate CE011195
Outlet pressure =< 0.3Mpa Explosion-proof sign Exdm 2AT3
Products Nozzle Display Motor Pump Flow meter Remark
Six nozzles can fuel at the same time
Remark:Size,color and design of product can be produced according to customer's requirement.